being sent off by a certain someone, so goodnight.~

Work by トモミ (twitter)

Work by トモミ (twitter)

I did end up falling asleep at some point and woke up to drunk people talking loudly in the living room. They went downstairs, so I most likely will fall asleep on the couch again.

You don’t need to tell me, just catch some zzzzs.

i just realized how much my skype “mood” really does explain my mood for the day.





Well, I couldn’t stay completely away, but at least with a sideblog I can keep my dashboard still clean. I just gotta pay attention to the notes on posts.

My emotions have died down to the point where I am extremely exhausted and do not want to move from the couch.

That happens. I always get extremely exhausted when I finally calm down and then just end up going to bed since I can’t stay awake. Couldn’t you just sleep there or take a nap if you don’t wanna move?

I’m surrounded by sleeping cats. I wanna take a picture, but that means moving which I won’t do.

I am hiding under a blanket on the couch, still crying.I am not sure if they are happy tears because of this or tears left over from the tumble I took down the emotions hill. I am just a whirlwind ball of emotions right now.

Nothing wrong with that. If I break down in the living room, I keep my head turned away bc I noticed when I get up and just leave it becomes suspicious. It could be both. It’s possible, just depending on how you’re feeling at the moment in time. Could be one thing moment and then something else the next. I’ve had that happen.